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Landscaping: Patio Tiles - Retaining Walls - Paventia & Permacon


Morival Inc. offers a wide array of landscaping products to meet your needs. Whether you are planning to create an outdoor paradise or simply wanting to add some functionality to the exterior of your home, we have the products and know how to help you with your project. We carry the full line of pavers, patio tiles, retaining walls and borders from Paventia and Permacon.


Poured concrete tiles are also available in various sizes ranging from 18” x 18” all the way up to 24” x 24”. If you’re looking for a more authentic look the addition of natural stone pavers may better suite your project. Natural stone pavers are available in various colours. Also available is the necessary products to prepare the area which will be receiving the pavers or patio tiles such as stone dust and Geotextile. If keeping your patio looking good for a prolonged period of time is a priority we also carry multiple types of Polymer and jointing sands to aid in accomplishing this by preventing the growth of weeds.


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Morival Inc. continues to meet its customers' changing needs in regards to Masonry and Concrete. We offer our clients ready mixed concrete for pick-up or delivery for small or large scale projects. Customers can transport up to 1 cubic yard of concrete with our special trailers that easily attach to your vehicle....

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