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Masonry & Concrete Products: Window sills – Headers - Brick


Morival Inc. has a vast variety of concrete windows sills and headers in standard sizes and finishes such as Natural cement, White Granite (available with Black Granite) and Ancestral finish.


Morival Inc. has a full line of bagged cement and mortars to help with any job. Portland cement, Masonry, Mortar Mix and Daubois Betomix Plus 1-1-6 are among the most commonly used for every day jobs. Stucco, Parge Mix and various other topping cements and adhesives are also available.


Morival Inc.’s main goal is to cater to its clients' needs and try to be their one stop for all things masonry related. We have tools of the trade such as trowels; tuck pointers, mallets, chisels and concrete finishing tools to get the job done. Various models of concrete diamond blades are available from sizes ranging from 4.5” all the way up to 14”.


Morival Inc. carries specialty products such as brick ties, angle irons, muriatic acid, mortar colorants from Interstar as well the full line of Solution products from Bomix to help with specialty work or repairs as well.


Morival Inc. stocks concrete blocks in various sizes as well as common brick types, chimney caps and terracotta chimney tiles.

Our Feature Products


Morival Inc. continues to meet its customers' changing needs in regards to Masonry and Concrete. We offer our clients ready mixed concrete for pick-up or delivery for small or large scale projects. Customers can transport up to 1 cubic yard of concrete with our special trailers that easily attach to your vehicle...

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